Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is brought on by memories of a life-threatening event such as a
car accident, physical violence, natural disaster, and war. Those with PTSD who are suffering
from their condition can become extremely sensitive to anything that slightly resembles the
traumatic event. Any life event that triggers a memory from the event can cause the symptoms
that can feel like reliving the past trauma.

Some of the symptoms of PTSD are:

Intrusive thoughts recalling the traumatic event



Efforts to avoid feelings and thoughts that either remind you of the traumatic event or that trigger similar feelings

Feeling detached or unable to connect with loved ones



The acceptable definition of PTSD is widening. The symptoms of PTSD can begin immediately after the life-threatening event or years later. Many people that had traumatic experiences as children, later in life discover that they have PTSD. Additionally, many people are starting to report PTSD symptoms who never experienced a life-threatening trauma. Currently it is becoming common knowledge that people living with trauma survivors or those who have had extensive exposure to newscasts of terrorism suffer from PTSD. It is possible that many in our country, especially sensitive individuals, suffer from PTSD symptoms due to extensive contact with violent media in the form of movies, newscasts, and video games.

Some of the treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic therapy, mindfulness
therapy, exercise and medication. Often people suffering from PTSD are unwilling to get help in
the form of therapy because they are anxious about re-triggering these past experiences and
needlessly reliving them. That is why it is important to get help from a professional who has
extensive experience working with those who suffer from PTSD. It can be advantageous to get
help from a trained, experienced professional, who knows how to set the pace in working with the symptoms.

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