Divorce is one of the greatest challenges people face. Many people suffer when going through divorce. Nothing is more painful than being completely broken while having to live daily life like everything is normal. The stress causes many to break down emotionally and mentally, resulting in people seeking medical treatment for anxiety and depression. Many people enter counseling for the first time when going through a divorce.

In most situations, a divorce is a terrible loss. That means it must be grieved. In a typical divorce, one person wants the divorce and appears to be positively moving forward, while the other person does not want the divorce and is struggling to cope. I typically meet with the individual who does not want the divorce.

We are not designed for divorce. Biologically our brains are wired for connection not separation. Divorce is extremely stressful, and it is more complicated when children are involved. It is accurate to say that most people going through a divorce are in a serious life crisis. Even the partner that wants the divorce, who might be going out and enjoying the freedom, is typically going through a life-crisis.

I have a heart for people suffering through divorce. I know they need someone that can walk alongside them and at times guide them. Additionally, we need someone there to support our grieving process, so that we can release the emotion and move forward with our lives. The process of grieving creates the building blocks of hope which can be the foundation for your new life.

If you need support while going through your trial, contact Isaiah Hulme (916)743-6698 to discuss the possibility of setting up an appointment in Roseville.

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