Depression General Information Many people have depression in the U.S. Approximately 3 million people are diagnosed with depression every year. 80% of people suffering never get treatment. 60-80% of depression cases are treatable with therapy and medication. There are many reasons people get depression. Some of the causes are life events, stressed relationships, family, weather, […]

Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety Performance anxiety is a major problem for many. Most of us dread having to get on stage and perform or act in front of others. Whether it is athletics, business presentations, public speaking, or anxiety regarding sexual performance, most of us have experienced a lot of emotion when put into a situation where […]


Divorce Divorce is one of the greatest challenges people face. Many people suffer when going through divorce. Nothing is more painful than being completely broken while having to live daily life like everything is normal. The stress causes many to break down emotionally and mentally, resulting in people seeking medical treatment for anxiety and depression. […]

Relationship Boundaries

Relationship Boundaries Unhealthy Boundaries Creating healthy boundaries is a challenge for most people in relationship. Most of us fall into one of two categories. Some of us have weak undefined or non-enforced boundaries that do not hold up. Weak boundaries allow one to be flexible but at the cost of personal integrity. Others have rigid […]


What we need to say the most, is often the hardest to communicate. It is difficult for many of us to communicate to our partner when we know it will upset or hurt them. We might decide to not even have the conversation because of the exhaustion and hopelessness of sharing with someone who is […]


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that is brought on by memories of a life-threatening event such as a car accident, physical violence, natural disaster, and war. Those with PTSD who are suffering from their condition can become extremely sensitive to anything that slightly resembles the traumatic event. Any life event that triggers […]